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V-Perfect is the first and unique technology in the world that , completely removing from the corner the welding seam , enables manufacturing aesthetically perfect PVC windows.

A new standard that allows to reach all PVC potentialities and open the way to unlimited applications.

Thanks to a patented technology that makes a profiles junction perfectly aligned, removing all previous defectiveness , PVC window quality of corners finishing is as good as wooden or aluminum windows. An amazing result up to now unattainable with any other welding method and which inaugurates the technology of PVC windows to unlimited creative and architectural possibilities.


WITH V-Perfect

Only the window manufactured with V-Perfect can be perfect from every point of view. 100% of aesthetic result. An important added value for the producer and for the final customer, ensured only by the presence of V-perfect mark.



Any other technology for PVC windows welding process generates inevitably a welding restriction that, even after corner cleaning and painted (with the costs and the derived defects) penalises the aesthetics and limits the PVC potentialities.


When welding quality in the corners reaches levels of absolute excellence there is a free choice among different materials to get more performance and/or more preciousness. Not only because it is possible to choose PVC profiles covered with the different foils which reproduce the aesthetics of wood and aluminum, but also because the combination of PVC with other materials gives the guarantee of unthinkable results until now.



How is it possible to improve the PVC technology to obtain windows which give not only performance, but also an objective beautiful and which are original and precious?

With the aim to give an answer to this question, GRAF Synergy catched the challenge and has invested large resources in a research project, involving a lot of world experienced people in PVC profiles production. From technical intelligence and close co-operation V-Perfect was born: an innovative technology that has allowed to make a jump forward in comparison with any previous production standard linked to the PVC.

With V-Perfect it is possible to improve aesthetic of the PVC window insomuch as the same profiles producers advise the use of this process to see their own products having the best possible value.

While this new standard affirm its importance among windows producers, a lot of companies are approaching the V-Perfect technology to test directly all potential application. If it is true that this technology is widely tested and patented it is also true that the imagination and the will to experiment new aesthetic solutions of designers and producers has no limits. And till now V-Perfect has been a precious allied for the success of new and original decorative solutions on doors and windows profiles.



PVC is already a material with a great importance in the window and door market due its high technical performances: this is a matter of fact. It is the material which probably offers the most favorable cost/performance ratio and enjoys the biggest world diffusion in manufacturing of windows. A market share which will increase the request of sustainable solutions and energetically efficient in the future.

But why do we have to sacrify the aesthetics on behalf of the efficiency when it is possible to have both?

Till yesterday the PVC has been the best technical choice…
  • Because it is economic and convenient
  • Because it ensures a good acustic and thermal isolation
  • Because it is fireproof and self-extiguishing
  • Because it is waterproof to fluids, to heavy rain, but also to gases and vapors
  • Because a maintenance is not required and it is easy to clean
  • Because it is not altered by the sunlight, the saltiness and by the humidity
  • Because it is extremely durable
  • Because it is stable and inert, safe for the use and the production
  • Because it is versatile and allows a wide set of application
  • Because it has a low environmental impact and it is recyclable at 100%
now with V-Perfect becomes a surprising aesthetic solution.
  • Because the welding perfection ensures an aesthetics never reached before by the PVC
  • Because the absence of the welding restriction ensures the maximum result also with the most precious and original profiles
  • Because the absence of the welding restriction avoids the corner seam painting after corner cleaning, which after few years fades and ruins the corner aesthetic
  • Because V-Perfect allows to cover the PVC profile also with the most noble materials such as wood, aluminum or other
  • Because, thanks to this original technology, designers, architects and profile producers imagination has no limits



1.The first and undeniable reason is its price. It offers all the characteristics of the other window systems for a lower price. Its high industrialization made it unbeatable, but the cost is not the only reason.

2. It has a reduced casing (it reduces a little the dimensions of the slot) with frames that make it appropriate for renovations without masonry works. The work of replacement can be done in an inhabited house with no builders.

3. The film used to imitate the effect of wood offers quality and excellent finishing consolidated over the time.

Three emotional reasons that made it enter persistently in many Italian homes, and also countries with cold temperatures that are using it for decades, and this is synonymous with safety. The technical reasons are many and very important, and they confirm the first simplest ones, and together they have made it successful.

Due to its characteristic of resistance to weather conditions such as air, water, wind and sun, PVC is a material that does not absorb water: the heat sealing of the corners makes the window a solid body, continuous and free of joints. The particular shape of the profile, with the wall inclined to the outside, facilitates the sliding of the rain to outside. In any case, the PVC window allows the evacuation of any infiltration through drainage slots.


The steel structure contained in the profile and anchored to it gives the window excellent dimensional stability. A further waterproofing of the window is also held by the elastic seals on the jambs. In practice, the waterproofing of the PVC casing is ensured even in the most adverse weather conditions.

For its structural characteristics, the PVC window forms a solid barrier to the mechanical force of the wind. This casing also permits the application of additional elements for closing and locking, as well as types of glass for particularly exposed areas, so as to ensure maximum comfort and safety to the user, even in case of extreme conditions.


PVC is a good thermal insulator. For this reason, the PVC window is an excellent barrier between the outside and the inside of the house for the highest and lowest temperatures. It follows the remarkable reduction of energy consumption imputable to air conditioning or heating systems. To the chemical-physical insulation of PVC, we add up other design features such as multiple chambers, typical of this kind of window/door system.


The PVC frame is itself an important protection against noise pollution from outside. If one adds the fact that the seals absorb vibration of the glass and that the multi-chamber profile stops the sound waves, you get a high insulating effect, further enhanced by the use of the appropriate glazing.

Due to the constructive system of the casing and to the presence of seals suitably positioned, the PVC window does not allow the penetration of the air stream within the room. The possible insertion of ventilation systems can scale up the air exchange according to the needs of the user.


The windows made with PVC profiles can be produced in several ways, standardized or on request. The possible combination of straight, curved or rounded shapes allows to be in harmony with all styles of construction. You can create all your desires!


The PVC window has two important prerogatives for the long life of the product: asepticity and insensitivity to weather elements, combined with the softness and elasticity of the seals. Moreover, for its homogeneous composition, the PVC window/door system does not require any periodic varnishing or restructuring, only a simple cleaning with aqueous solutions of soaps or dishwashing liquids.


The fact that PVC contains 57% of chlorine in its structure, makes itself a flame retardant polymer. The presence of chlorine, a highly flame retardant substance, greatly improves the fire behavior of PVC, and also makes it capable of slowing the flame spread. Unlike other plastic materials, PVC is a self-extinguishing material and, as so, it does not contribute to fuel the flame. Oppositely, it stops combustion as soon as the outbreak is dismissed. As all materials used in construction, even PVC is the subject of tests regarding its fire behavior, considered in many European countries as decidedly positive. In France, for example, rigid PVC normally used for window systems is placed in category M1, within the classification in increasing order ranging from M0 until M4. In Italy,, it is in class 1 in the classification in increasing order from 0 to 5 (class 0 is attributed to non-combustible materials).


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